By Talking Horse Productions (other events)

7 Dates Through Feb 21, 2021


Catherine is a 45-year-old lawyer jet-setting around the world with a fulfilling career and marriage. The only thing that’s missing is a child. After nearly a decade of different treatments in four different countries, Catherine finally comes to Nellie, a mother-of-two, living in Massachusetts, to be a surrogate. When Catherine’s eggs are transferred to Nellie, the two are ecstatic when triplets are conceived. But when one triplet dies in the womb, and another revealed to have a genetic disorder, both women must face hard truths and decisions as they choose between loyalty to one another, their social beliefs, and the price of a healthy child. 

**Special Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, this show is being offered as a digital-only production. After a ticket is purchased, a link to the live-stream will be provided for viewing no later than noon on the date of the show.**

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